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NEC NP-P505XL   XGA  5.000  Professional Installation Laser Projector

An XGA ,5.000 Lumens Bright Laser Projector with a vast range of adjustment, and BrightEra for higher quality colour and a longer lifespan and superior images and a long-lasting, low maintenance performance.

The NEC PE505XL Entry Installation Series, LCD, laser projector combines advanced features at a budget conscious price making it ideal for K12 and higher education classrooms as well as corporate conference rooms for small to medium sized business. With 5000 lumens, XGA resolution and outstanding LCD color fidelity the PE Series delivers impressive images in demanding applications. Installation flexibility is achieved with broad horizontal and vertical lens shift and a 1.7x zoom lens. The 20,000 hour laser life and NEC's sealed optical engine create a low TCO, filter free, maintenance free projection solution.

4K Ready

Designed with the exhibitor in mind, this digital cinema projector is fully upgradable to 4K technology when available, making the transition a seamless and cost-effective solution.

Advanced AccuBlend™


Ensures detailed images when non-native resolution sources are connected to the projector.



Intuitively syncs the projector with most computer signals and features one-touch image optimization.

Built-In Speakers


Enhance the visual experience with superior sound

Built-in Wall Color Correction


Presets provide for adaptive color tone correction to display properly on non-white surfaces.

Carbon Savings Meter


Calculates the positive effects of operating the projector in ECO Mode, which is encouraged by an optional message at startup. A green ECO Mode button on the remote control makes the switch easy.

Cornerstone Correction


Allows for horizontal, vertical and diagonal image correction for aligned images even when the projector is set up at an angle to the screen.

Crestron Roomview


Provides unified management, including the ability to switch the power on and off for multiple projectors connected to a network.

Direct Power Off


Protects the lamp when the projector is accidentally unplugged or the power strip is switched off. Enables the fan to continue running until the lamp is properly cooled down. Internal sensors monitor lamp temperature and prevent the lamp from powering on.

Dual Computer Inputs


Ensures quick switching between presentations.

Dual HDMI inputs (with HDCP)


Ensure quick switching between presentations and allows for simultaneous digital connections of high-definition sources, such as Blu-ray players, cable boxes, satellite receivers and computers

Lens Shift


Vertical and horizontal lens shift enables flexible projector placement.

Quick Startup and Quick Power-Off


Allows users to begin presenting within 3 to 4 seconds and allows immediate power off with no cooling required after shutdown to ensure efficient energy usage.

Tilt-Free Installation


Allows the projector to be rotated freely (360°) in order to point up or down depending on the installation requirements.

USB Viewer


Permits playback (without a PC) of presentations or display images stored as JPG files from a USB flash drive.

Variable Audio Out


Adjusts the volume of an external speaker system using the projector's remote control.

Virtual Remote


Used over the VGA cable to control the projector directly from a computer without the need for additional control cables.

Wireless LAN (Optional)


Allows you to transmit images from a PC wirelessly to the projector, eliminating the need for traditional cumbersome cables.


PE505XL - RM 10,500.00

PE455WL - RM 11,000.00 



MethodThree primary colour liquid crystal shutter projection

Specifications of main parts 

 Liquid crystal panelSize0.64 inch LCD with MLA × 30.63 inch LCD
with MLA × 3

Pixels *12,304,000
(1,920 dots× 1200 lines)1,024,000
(1,280 dots× 800 lines)786,432
(1,024 dots× 768 lines)

Projection lensesZoomManual


Zoom ratio1.61.7

Throw ratio1.2 to 2.01.2 to 2.11.3 to 2.2

focal lengthF= 1.5 to 2.1
f= 17.2 mm to 27.6 mmF= 1.7 to 2.2
f= 17.4 mm to 29.0 mm

Lens shiftingManual
( H = +/ −29% / V= 0% to +60%)Manual
( H = +/ −26% / V= 0% to +55%)Manual
( H = +/ −28% / V= 0% to +50%)

Light sourceBlue Laser diode

Light source (laser diode) life *220,000H

Optical unitIntegrator, dichroic mirror, XDP

  Light output *3*4ECO MODE [OFF]4,500 lm5,000 lm

ECO MODE [ECO]Approx. 60%Approx. 67%Approx. 60%

[LONG LIFE]Approx. 50%Approx. 56%Approx. 50%

Contrast ratio*4(all white/all black)450,000 : 1 with Light Adjust500,000 : 1
with Light Adjust

Image size25 to 300 inches

Colour reproduction10-bit signal processing, 1.07 billion colours
(Viewer, Network, 16.7 million colours)

(ECO MODE [ECO] / ECO MODE [OFF])22 dB / 24 dB to 27 dB (high bright)

Synchronisation rangeHorizontal15 to 100 kHz (RGB: 24 kHz or over)

Vertical50 to 120 Hz

Max. display resolution
(horizontal× vertical)Up to 4K@30 Hz (3,840 x 2,160) with Advanced AccuBlend,
Pixel clock frequency: less than 300 MHz

correctionHorizontalManual, approx. ± 30 degrees max.

VerticalManual, approx. ± 30 degrees max.

Input/output connectors 

 Computer/ componentVideo inputMini D-Sub 15-pin × 1

Audio inputStereo mini jack × 1

Audio outputStereo mini jack× 1 (Selected from: Computer / HDMI / LAN)

HDMIVideo inputType A HDMI connector × 2

Audio inputYes

PC control connectorD-Sub 9-pin× 1 (4800 / 9600 / 19200 / 38400 bps)

USB portUSB type A× 1 for USB (5.0 V/ 2.0 A power supply)

Ethernet/LANRJ-45 × 1

Wireless LAN Port (Optional)USB × 1

Built-in speaker16 W × 1

Usage environmentOperating temperature: 5 to 40°C *5,
Operating humidity: 20 to 80% (with no condensation)

Storage temperature: −10 to 50°C,
Storage humidity: 20 to 80% (with no condensation)

Operating altitude: 0 to 2,600 m
(1,600 to 2,600 m: Set [FAN MODE] to [HIGH ALUTITUDE])

Power supply100 − 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz

Power consumptionECO MODE [OFF]316 W (100 to 130 V)
308 W (200 to 240 V)279 W (100 to 130 V)
276 W (200 to 240 V)305 W (100 to 130 V)
298 W (200 to 240 V)

ECO MODE [ECO]226 W (100 to 130 V)
222 W (200 to 240 V)216 W (100 to 130 V)
215 W (200 to 240 V)217 W (100 to 130 V)
215 W (200 to 240 V)

ECO MODE [LONG LIFE]203 W (100 to 130 V)
201 W (200 to 240 V)191 W (100 to 130 V)
191 W (200 to 240 V)191 W (100 to 130 V)
189 W (200 to 240 V)

STANDBY *61.6 W (100 to 130 V) / 1.8 W (200 to 240 V)
0.13 W (100 to 130 V) / 0.19 W (200 to 240 V)

Rated input current4.9 A to 2.0 A4.5 A to 1.8 A4.8 A to 2.0 A

Dimensions (W× H× D)480 × 122 × 407 mm (Net dimensions, not including protruding parts),
591 × 259 × 491 mm (Gross dimensions)

Weight (Net weight / gross weight)9.4 kg / 12.5 kg9.3 kg / 12.4 kg


  • *1:Effective pixels are more than 99.99%.

  • *2:Time at which the laser light source is at half brightness; not a guaranteed time.

  • *3:This is the light output value (lumens) when [ECO MODE] is set to [OFF] and [PRESET] is set to [HIGH-BRIGHT]. The brightness decreases when [ECO MODE] is set to [ECO] or [LONG LIFE] ([ECO]: about 60%, [LONG LIFE]: about 50%). If any other mode is selected as the [PRESET] mode, the light output value may drop slightly.

  • *4:Compliant with ISO21118-2012.

  • *5:35 to 40°C – “Forced eco mode”.

  • *6:Value as measured by NEC. All wired network ports are connected and active.