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Projector2u has many years of experience in Digital Projectors, Interactive Projectors and other related products in Audio Visual Equipments. We offer a comprehensive range of Best Projectors and Best Projector screens as well as related services.

We use our experience to find you the right projector for your specific environment (Business Office Projectors / Home Theatres Projectors /  Interactive Projectors ), providing excellent service and offering the best solution for today and for the future, when you decide to Buy a Projector of your choice in Malaysia.


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In today’s rapidly growing business world, a projector system has become a necessary tool. These Digital Projector systems come in handy while giving visual presentations in a different arena. By using high-quality projector systems, you can really give the best presentation to clients. With the evolving technology, this equipment has become very valuable and it is used on the regular basis throughout the world.

The basic function of the projector is to project visuals on a large white screen or on a plain white surface. Usually, the projector system enlarges the visuals so that everyone can easily see them. All you have to do is to plug in your projector to a PC (Personal Computer) or laptop and it will start working. It all depends on, for what purpose you will be using the projector system i.e. for giving business presentations, providing group training sessions, entertainment purposes, or giving lessons.

Due to the rapidly changing technology, the development of projector systems has also come a long way from standard projector systems to highly advance AV digital projector systems, which are commonly used at movie theatres for projecting high definition visuals. In order to get the best output from a projector system, one also needs the best quality accessories like HDMI, VGA & RCA Cables, ATEN HDMI Splitters, and ATEN Video Switchers, White & Grey Screens, etc.


Therefore, as you are looking for a projector system and its accessories to rent, buy or any related services, we welcome the opportunity to be your trusted partner and supplier so you get the best solution at Affordable and Cheap Prices for Projectors Sale.

Projector2u is a Malaysian based projector supplier with years of experience in providing top quality projectors to various business multinational firms, schools, colleges, universities, and government offices. We have a comprehensive range of projector systems to suit your budget. We offer comprehensive projector related services including:


  • Projector Rental / Lease Services

  • Projector and Screen Installation Services

  • Projector Repair Services

  • Projector Switches and Splitters AV solutions

  • Projector Manual, Tripod, Motorised Screens (Front and Rear Screens)

  • Projector Lamp Replacements Services


We will be a one-stop center providing all types of projector systems that will surely meet your requirements. Being one the leading companies in selling & renting projector systems we only deal in quality projector brands like Sony, Epson, BENQ, Panasonic, Maxell, Acer, Casio, ViewSonic, Optoma, and NEC. Along with that we also provide top quality projector accessories that will surely bring the best output from the AV digital projector in Malaysia. We also provide LCD, LED, DLP, Interactive, Laser Projectors & Screens, Projector Lamps, Projector Brackets, Overhead Projectors, and related accessories products.

Projector2u offers high-quality multimedia projectors at reasonable rates and will advise on Projector Price Comparisons & Projector Reviews as required

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Our Team


Our projector specialists receive frequent training and are among the best in Malaysia. We ensure that our projector experts are familiar with new product releases as well as the latest trends in various areas

  • LCD Projector (including 3 LCD)

  • Wireless Presentation System

  • WIFI projector

  • DLP Projector

  • LED Projector

  • XGA Projector

  • WXGA Projector

  • WUXGA Projector

  • 1080p Projector

  • 4K Projector

  • Pico (Pocket) Projector

  • Mini Projector

  • Portable Projector

  • Fixed Installation Projector

  • Digital Projectors

  • AV Projectors

  • Computer Projectors

  • HD Projector or High Definition Projector

  • Short Throw Projector

  • 3D Home Theatre Projector

  • Movie Cinema Projector technologies for both Indoor Projectors and Outdoor Projectors.

Projector2U is ready to be your guide to presenting excellence for both Portable Projectors and Fixed Installation Projectors. We maintain partnerships with major brands of LCD, LED, and DLP projectors to bring you the best in choices and value

  • NEC Projector Malaysia

  • EPSON Projector Malaysia

  • Panasonic Projector Malaysia

  • Casio Projector Malaysia

  • BENQ Projector Malaysia

  • ACER Projector Malaysia

  • Maxell Projector Malaysia

  • Optoma Projector Malaysia

  • ViewSonic Projector Malaysia

  • Projector ANSI Lumens range from

    • 500 Lumens Projectors

    • 2000 lumens Projector

    • 2500 lumens Projector

    • 3000 lumens Projector

    • 3100 lumens Projector

    • 3200 lumens Projector

    • 3500 lumens Projector

    • 3600 lumens Projector

    • 4000 lumens Projector

    • 4200 lumens Projector

    • 4500 lumens Projector

    • 5000 lumens Projector

    • 6000 lumens Projector

    • 6500 lumens Projector

    • 7000 lumens Projector

    • 8000 lumens Projector

    • 10 000 lumens Projector

    • 12 000 lumens Projector

    • 15 000 lumens Projector

  • Projector Manual Screen & Projector Motorised Screen brands include

    • Kiara Projector Screen

    • Draper Projector Screen

    • MEKI Projector Screen

    • Grandview Projector Screens in Malaysia.

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